Terms & Conditions


Payment in full is required before final delivery. Proofs may be requested for review before payment/final delivery. Our service area is within a 30-mile radius of Salt Lake City, UT. For services outside of this area, a travel fee of $0.75 per mile will incur.


As a courtesy to our time and yours, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation or change of service. Failure to provide 24 hours notice will result in a minimum appointment change fee of $50.


By contracting Captured Spaces LLC ("we or "us" or "our"), you ("Client") agree that any copyrightable work (collectively, "Products" or "Media" or "Services") are the exclusive property of Captured Spaces LLC. The client agrees not to transfer, assign, or sublicense the Product rights to anyone without written permission of Captured Spaces, LLC.

These rights permit the client to use our photographs, videos, and other media for marketing purposes, including multiple listing services. These rights do not allow any third party to copy, display, or distribute our work unless the client obtains written permission. Licensed images are for one-year use. For continue usage outside of that year, you must relicense all media contracted.

If the client is asked for rights to the Products, the client agrees to refer them to Captured Spaces LLC. We agree not to use the products in a way that interferes with your rights.


The pricing listed of a Matterport, Inc. tour includes hosting for 90 days from publish date. Additional hosting fees will apply beyond that time.